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Eric R. Garcia

Husband, Father, Developer

Ambitious web developer working in the medical field (Hyperbaric clinic manager and chief technician). I’ve always been attracted to the idea of producing work through a computer but have never worked where computer skills outside of web browsing, Microsoft Word or Excel are needed. I know basic IT like setting up a small business or home network. As of October of 2018 I made a decision to really dedicate myself to learning web development and really challenge myself. Not knowing where my journey should start, I thought it would be a good idea to go to somekind of meet up and ask questions. I was told about a book to read HTML & CSS by Jon Ducket and was told I should also go through the curriculum at Free Code Camp. After finishing the HTML and CSS portion of the curriculum and going over some of the Java script portion I knew I would need some extra help in fully understanding this programming language so I enrolled to take a JavaScript class at LBCC where my knowledge for web development expanded immensely.
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With JavaScript


In the comming section you will see some of my work created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript followed by Projects I did when I first learned HTML and CSS. Enjoy!

JavaScript Projects

HTML & CSS Projects

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Eric R. Garcia


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